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Are you unhappy in your current relationship?    Do you wish your life would get better?   

 Do you feel like people do not understand what you are going through?   

You do not have to feel that way anymore. 


Don't let relationship conflicts, anxiety or depression destroy your life.  I can help you get your life and relationship back on track.

Sometimes in a person's life they need to turn to someone for help with their problems, or to help them learn how to cope with their problems.  Most couples and individuals come to therapy because some part of their life is less than satisfying.  I have over 27 years of experience working with couples who are having problems talking with each other or are not getting along.  I also work with individuals (men/women) who are experiencing depression,  anxiety, or who are not satisfied with their life.  My role is to help you determine what is important in your life and help you create it.  I assess your relationship or life, identify the problems and together we develop a plan to help improve your relationship and/or life.

You may feel that your life is out of your control.  I want to help you regain control of your life.  You deserve the very best and that is what you will get, the very best in professional therapy services.  You cannot put a price on your happiness......it is priceless.   Most people feel better at the end of their first session!   Let me help you begin to enjoy your life again.  There is no reason to wait.  Your improved life begins with your initial evaluation. 

I am here to help you.  

So if you are ready to begin enjoying your life or relationship again, click on the "Schedule My Appointment" link below. 

You can also text or call my office at 912.233.4294 to schedule your confidential appointment today.  

Coaching and Counseling is an investment in your marriage, peace of mind and being able to enjoy your life again.  It is one of the best investments you can make in yourself or your relationship because you are worth it.

                                                                                                                             - Michelle Aycock                                                               

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Couples Coaching and Counseling is an Investment in Your Relationship

Marriage therapy is a valuable opportunity for couples to build a healthier and happier relationship.  It certainly can be worth while by providing couples the communication skills and strategies they need to work through conflict and manage their relationship in a healthy way.  Most individuals did not learn healthy communication skills.  This is one subject not taught to us in school!  However, these skills can be learned.  I teach couples how to resolve a conflict, improve their communication and begin to feel an emotional connection again. by giving them  the essential tools needed. to have a happy and healthy relationship.

What You Can Expect From Couples Coaching and Counseling

In our initial couples session, I will ask a lot of questions to gather information regarding the problems in your  marriage or relationship, so that I may provide an accurate assessment of your relationship situation.  I am looking for symptoms, similar to what a physical/medical doctor would do to find out where the infection is and what what is causing it.  In gathering this information I am able to begin a treatment plan for your relationship. Being honest about the problems in your relationship is important, no matter what the issues are we must talk bout them.  Within a relationship, it is not one person's fault that there are problems.  A relationship requires two, so I can assure you that both of you, at one time or another, contributed to the problems within the relationship. Once the problems have been identified, we will then develop a "relationship treatment plan" based on the problems and what you both want to improve in the relationship.  We will then work together to reach those goals.  Ideally both spouses or partners would participate in this process, however I am aware that sometimes one spouse/partner doesn't believe in or want to participate in couples coaching or counseling.   But don't let that stop you from seeking help as you can heal your troubled marriage or relationship even if your partner doesn't believe in coaching or counseling.   


•Relationship Conflict

•Communication Problems

•Feeling Unhappy in Your Relationship

•Separation or Divorce


•Financial Problems

•Intimacy/Sexual Problems

•Sexual/Internet Addiction

•Pre-Marital Coaching and Counseling

So if you are ready to begin enjoying your relationship again, click on the "Schedule My Appointment" link below. 

You can also text or call my office at 912. 233.4294 to schedule your confidential appointment today.  

**Have you and your partner discussed divorce or are you going through a divorce?   Are you or your partner currently separated or thinking about separation?

Standard couples counseling may work for you, however there is a quicker and faster way to get your marriage back on track and that is through my

"COUPLES BOOTCAMP" where I can help you get your relationship back on track FAST.

For more information click on the link below.  You will be taken to another page on my website where you can read more about what Couples Bootcamp has to offer that regular couples coaching or counseling does not.  You can fill out a form on that page to schedule your "COUPLES BOOTCAMP" appointment  today! 




Individual  Coaching or Counseling is an Investment in You & Your Life

I have been helping individuals for over 25 years, like yourself who want to begin enjoying their life again.  Individuals therapy requires work and commitment.  It is a "process",  not a quick fix or "band-aid" for your life.  You did not become miserable with your life overnight.  It is important that an individual be committed to the therapy process and open to thinking and doing things differently. 

What to Expect from Individual Coaching and Counseling

In our initial evaluation session, I will ask you to discuss the problems and changes in your life that you want to make.  Together we will develop goals based on the changes you want to see happen in your life.  I will help guide you in making those changes.  For you to change the way you feel, you must change the way you think.  Your thoughts and perceptions can determine whether you enjoy your life or not.  I understand that you need help in making these changes, and I am here to help you regain control and begin to enjoy your life again. 





  • Marriage Conflict

•Relationship Conflict

•Stress Management

•Unhappiness with Life

•Loss or Grief

•Weight Management

•Eating Disorders

•Postpartum Depression

So if you are ready to begin enjoying your life again, click on the "Schedule My Appointment" link below. 

You can also text or call my office at 912.233.4294 to schedule your confidential appointment today. 


Have you and your partner discussed divorce?  Are you or your partner currently separated or thinking about separation? 

If you answered yes, then Couples Bootcamp is for you. 

Advanced couples therapy is ideal for busy professionals, couples who are thinking about divorce or are currently separated.  It is also for couples who want a fast-paced approach to working on their relationship and trying to keep their marriage together.  Your initial evaluation and sessions are in a

4 hour block of time on a Saturday (or another day of the week we agree upon).  This type of couples coaching and counseling focuses on understanding and beginning to resolve issues from the past,  improving communication, and strengthening your emotional connection.  I help you understand the tools needed to begin to reconnect with each other and discuss the research-based skills  needed to improve your communication, strengthen your friendship, and manage your differences calmly.  These sessions expedite the process of understanding and learning the skills needed to communicate and reconnect with each other.  You will move more quickly and effectively through the phases of couples therapy.  It would take 6-8 weeks of weekly couples sessions and individual sessions to reach this level of therapy after only 4 hours on 1 day.  Research supports that longer sessions in the beginning of couples therapy can be more effective than the traditional weekly coaching and counseling sessions. 

Phases of the weekend couples therapy are: 

  •Initial Couples Evaluation session:  ( 1 couples session - 1 hr)  In this session we will discuss your relationship history, the problems and strengths in the relationship.  Prior to this session,  you will each be sent a link to an online questionnaire to fill out and send back to me at least 3 days prior to the session.  (Total 1 hour)

  •Individual Sessions: ( 2 sessions total, 1 hour each)  You will each have 1 individual session with me so that I can better understand perspective of the relationship and the issues within the relationship.  Additionally we will discuss your experiences within your family growing up as these influence your current relationship dynamic.  ( Total of 2 hours)

•Final Couples Feedback Session ( 1 couples session - 1 hr) During this session I will discuss the finding of your "Relationship Profile."  These findings are compiled and analyzed based on your answers from your relationship and individual questionnaires.  My assessment of your relationship strengths and weaknesses will be discussed, along with treatment recommendations and how we will proceed with therapy.  ( Total 1 hour)

**During the 4 hours, we will take a few small breaks in-between sessions.

As your relationship improves, the goal is to eventually fade out therapy.  Research provides evidence that those couples who do not maintain and build on their progress made, but drop out before their therapy has been completed has a significantly high relapse rate.  Therefore completing therapy and following up with "maintenance" sessions are a very important part of therapy so as to minimize the likelihood of relapse.  

Following your final couples feedback session and based on your "Relationship Profile" we would then meet once a week for 2-3 weeks.  At your 3rd couples session, I will evaluate the progress that has or has not been made, and the work that still may need to be done.   From there I will recommend session frequency (at this point most likely we will not continue with weekly sessions, but may go to every other week or even once a month.  This again, completely depends on the assessment of the progress made and each couples varies).   It is important to maintain and build upon the progress you both have made in therapy.  Thus when your therapy is completed, I do recommend that you have a couples therapy "maintenance" session 6 months after our last therapy session and another couples "maintenance" session 6 months after that session.  

The cost for the Advanced Couples Weekend Therapy is $1,225 and cannot be scheduled through my online scheduler.  A deposit of half the cost of your reserved session is required at the time your session is scheduled, and the balance due on the day of your session.  Payment can be made with cash or debit/credit card.  (no checks accepted).  

**The cost of  Couples Bootcamp does not include any individual or couples sessions needed after Couples Bootcamp sessions.  Sessions after the Couples Bootcamp will be provided at a reduced rate.  Please inquire about the cost of these sessions. 

PRIVACY POLICY - I respect your privacy.  Your information is kept confidential and will never be sold, exchanged, transferred or give to any other company, person or entity for any reason whatsoever. 



All through Phone or Video Coaching

I offer teletherapy sessions through a secure online therapy portal.   This type of coaching can be a good fit for people who want to remain healthy and safe due to COVID-19, are unable to access coaching or counseling services, or may be more comfortable communicating through video or phone from the comfort of your home.   Others may find online coaching is also more accessible when they need support the most or at on an emergency basis.   People who are new to coaching or counseling may find it easier to utilize online sessions if they have busy schedules, are traveling or live in a remote location.  Another benefit is that online sessions take place in the privacy of your home.   Whether you are in need of individual or marriage/relationship coaching can work for you. 

**Studies indicate that online coaching or counseling may be as effective as in-person coaching or counseling sessions, especially coaches or counselors who practice cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) which is the main coaching and counseling theory I practice.   

For more information on this research click on this link - Does Online Coaching or Counseling Work?

*Online coaching or counseling is not recommended for individuals who are suicidal or have homicidal thoughts and individuals who are experiencing severe depression, bipolar,  or schizophrenia.  Individuals with these issues need more intensive face to face counseling.  

For coaching video sessions you will need:

•A computer or tablet with a microphone and a camera

•Secure internet connection (not public Wi-Fi due to privacy and confidentiality)

•Chrome is the preferred browser

•Drivers License or State issued ID (if you are a new client) 


  *Once you have filled out and returned the initial evaluation paperwork,  you will be sent an

email  link to my secure online therapy room for your  video session. 


Savannah Morning News "Family Relationships" Advice Columnist (2006 - 2018)

My "Family Relationships"  Advice column was published every Saturday in the Accent section of the

Savannah Morning News from (2006-2018).  My column focused on issues related to relationships, , family, everyday life problems and parenting. 


TV APPEARANCES (2000-Present)

For almost 20 years (2000-present) I have made appearances on all of the major television networks.  Below are only some of my appearances.  I am available to appear on television media shows as an expert.  You can call my office at 912.233.4294 or send me an EMAIL.  You can also see more of my videos on my YouTube channel.    Click the button below to visit.

Facebook Mistakes

Michelle Aycock -  a Licensed Psychotherapist discusses

 "Facebook Mistakes" leading to Depression is a problem on the rise in our society.  Appearance Live on NBC affiliate - WSAV reports.  Savannah, Georgia

Marriage Mistakes Leading to Divorce

Michelle Aycock - a Licensed Psychotherapist and marriage expert discusses marriage mistakes leading to divorce especially infidelity.   Appearance on CBS affiliate - WTOC reports.  Savannah, Georgia


I have over 27 years of experience working with couples and individuals like yourself who are unhappy with their life or relationship and are ready to make the necessary changes to begin enjoying  their life again.  I teach couples how to get what they want from each other, and how to improve their communication.  I also provide therapy to individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety,  loss or grief, physical/sexual abuse, or those who are just unhappy with their life and want to feel in control again.  

I choose to only work with adults - specializing in couples and individual coaching and counseling, so you can feel comfortable and confident in knowing that you are truly getting the best in professional therapy services.  Whether you are wanting to make your relationship better or begin enjoying your life again,  you can feel confident in my ability to help guide you.

I practice cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), emotionally- focused therapy (EFT) and solution-focused brief therapy.   These theories are based on the premise that individuals or couples must have concrete goals and work toward those goals.  The individual must first look at life differently to help control how they feel.  Once you can control your thoughts (which manage your emotions), you can then reduce the amount of pain you feel and regain control of your life.  You do not have to continue feeling responsible for other's thoughts, feelings or behaviors.  The goal is to be free from these negative thoughts/beliefs which can contribute to your pain and conflict.  The goals for couples is to be able to communicate and work through problems without feeling the resentment and pain, once again beginning to love ;and accept the other for who they are. 

I provide a private, professional and comfortable office.  I understand the importance of comfort and confidentiality when it comes to discussing your feelings or problems which may cause you so much unhappiness in your life.  

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